2021-05-01 IPBES – Key Points, Climate Action Tracker

I got these links from this JHAT video.


<< Marine and terrestrial ecosystems are the sole sinks for anthropogenic carbon emissions, with a gross sequestration of 5.6 gigatons of carbon per year (the equivalent of some 60 per cent of global anthropogenic emissions). >>

This is also from JHAT


Quote from


<< For the transport sector, the largest source of emissions in the US, there is still a long way to go. While President Biden has begun the process toward clean passenger vehicles, he has set no targets nor timelines. The CAT analysis shows that to be compatible with the Paris Agreement 1.5 ̊C temperature limit, 95%-100% of sales of new light-duty vehicles in the US should be zero-emissions at national level by 2030. Progress has been made in states (such as California) and by automakers, but needs to be taken nationwide >>

Here in California we’re doing our part. 👍👍


Here is a good graph of what has to be done before mid-century in order to meet various temperature goals. 1.5 degrees requires removing and sequestering CO2.


Dave B also points out that a good deal of the UK’s reduction in carbon emissions has been from outsourcing manufacturing to other countries.


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