2021-04-16 The Long Strange History Of Bill Gates Population Control Conspiracy Theories

FB Comment to Bill Sherman

There is plenty of evil out there, and it’s not Gates, it’s those who are making money off of lies about famous people.

This great game India dot com website is a fake news outlet. Link about it is at bottom.

Gates is made out to be an evil person by the extreme fringe conspiracy theorists and others with a political axe to grind. The real evil is those in foreign countries who have convinced the people that Gates funded humanitarian aid has harmed or killed people. And because people have avoided Gates funded humanitarian aid, millions have died from diseases.

The best thing to do is ignore all the bad things that have been said and printed about Gates.

Dominion voting systems and some other company sued Fox News, Giuliani and other Trump lawyers for more than $2 Billion for defaming their voting machines. Once these fake news sites like Alex Jones’ Infowars realize that printing libelous lies about people like Gates, they’re going to have to stop the fake news or else go bankrupt from libel & slander lawsuits.


The same conspiracy theorists are trying to convince the public that Gates is trying to commit genocide. Here’s a good article about it.


Fake photoshopped photograph of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is debunked.


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