2021-04-09 Texas Has A Huge Amount Of Petroleum Pipelines

From a reply in Joe T’s YouTube video 9 April 2021

About pipeline safety. Texas has lots of pipelines but they are much, much smaller and they do not carry DilBit. The diluted bitumen is tar that has been thinned with diluent. If a Keystone sized pipeline ruptured, the dilbit would flood a large area, the diluent would evaporate and cause evacuations, and once it evaporates the tar is left, soaking into everything it touches and hardens into a mess that’s very hard to clean up. The EPA explains all that and it’s a very hazardous substance. And there have been large leaks and spills on these major pipelines. I live near a 16 inch and 10 inch petroleum pipeline and Kinder Morgan has to send out notices every few years to warn residents about these pipelines.

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