2021-02-01 Trump Influence On Congressmen

Yes, that’s being brought up in the media. My opinion is that those congressmen who vote to not convict Trump after the trial should have to answer for their malfeasance.

I’ve been finding out more about what media believes Trump will do. They figure that if a Republican congressman does not stay loyal to Trump, Trump will use some of the $220 million in campaign contributions to get the congressman out of office next election.

So most congressmen will stay aligned with the president who led the attempted coup d’etat, and Congress will not be able to convict him. For the second time, impeachment will fail.

My hope is that the Trump will suffer financially, until he lacks political influence and will no longer be a bad influence on anyone. Time wounds all heels. 🤗

Update Feb 02 – A friend mentioned “the timidity of the Democrats” apparently referring to the unwillingness of the Democrats to fight back with the same offensive tactics the Republicans use. I think one reason is that the Democrats have found the Republicans’ tactics so offensive that they just avoid stooping to such a low level to make a point. That’s essentially what Trump has done: fabricate so much misinformation that it’s a blizzard of ‘alternate truths’ and the Republicans just follow along on Trump’s footsteps.

Or perhaps the Democrats are so busy trying to separate Trump’s and the Republicans’ truth from the lies that they haven’t spent enough time going on the offensive. A lot of the vocal critics of the Democrats accuse them of being overly sympathetic to liberal or leftist dogma. But I think most of the Democrats are moderate and don’t adhere to the dogma they’re accused of believing. In the long run the right wing radicals believe anything that isn’t within their narrow viewpoint are liberal, leftist lies. So they are constantly having to reinforce their own dogma. Much of this is to demonize the opponents. The part that most Democrats believe is not morally right is to push back when an opponent makes of all sorts of false accusations about you. The Democrat foes on the defensive to counteract what he has been accused of doing. If a Republican is accused, he goes on the offensive and attacks the opponent. Perhaps the Democrats should go on the offensive?

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