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2021-08-19 Congressmen Who Objected To Electoral Votes

This is the list of congressmen who objected to the electoral vote count. Six senators and the rest representatives, all Republican. <<Trump’s Big Lie is a direct challenge to American Democracy. >> – Robert Reich

2021-02-01 Trump Influence On Congressmen

Yes, that’s being brought up in the media. My opinion is that those congressmen who vote to not convict Trump after the trial should have to answer for their malfeasance. I’ve been finding out more about what media believes Trump will do. They figure that if a Republican congressman does not stay loyal to Trump,

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2021-01-12 Trump Said”It Was Totally Appropriate”

The Congress is getting more onboard with impeaching Trump a second time. Some Republicans – Liz Cheney for one – are saying they believe what Trump said was incitement to insurrection and will vote for impeachment. The Democrats may have enough votes in the Senate to convict. Trump spoke at the southern border and said

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2020-08-06 Glaciers Melting Photos; Congress Climate Plan

Patagonia glaciers have melted a lot in the last 100 years. The photographs prove it. ***************************** You may think I’m teched (definition) for saying that the government is considering banning internal combustion vehicles, but the UK is, also considering it. Congress Climate Plan suggests banning sales of new vehicles sold by 2035 if they

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