2020-06-06 Clark Refractor Telescope At Santa Ana College

From FB comments June 6

David Wise
I went up there on the roof of Russell Hall at SAC to do some work and I went into the observatory to see the Clark refractor telescope. Old timer wasn’t used because of the air conditioners running a few yards away, and the observatory door hinges were getting so rusty the door would barely open. The astronomers decided that the telescope should be moved somewhere, so later it was gone but I never found out where they took it. It’s a rare vintage telescope. I hope it’s getting used somewhere. I’d like to see it again someday.

Dr. Steve Eastmond retired a few years ago. We set up his PC back decades ago and I saw it sitting in the corner with books stacked on the keyboard – I don’t think he used it. 😮😮

He and a new guy got rid of the planetarium projector and got a new computerized one for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They had some major problems with it at first. Around 2014 the planetarium was remodeled, I haven’t seen it inside since I retired in 2013.

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