2020-02-14 Zenith Royal 400 S/N Z551549 Replaced Capacitors, Driver Transformer

Zenith Royal 400 s/n Z551549
I soldered broken orange wire to battery holder. Replaced all four electrolytic capacitors. Silent speaker and nothing from earphone jack. I checked the voltage at the collector of the driver transistor, it was zero. One pin of the driver transformer primary measures 5.8 V, the other pin measured 0. Checked, the primary is open. I pulled the transformer out. Yep, open. Why do these primaries go open?
I now have to see if one of the driver transformers I got from the UK will work.

Update Feb 16 – I installed one of the transformers from the UK and it sounds good and loud. But then this Royal 400 has the weird oval speaker that sounds good. So now I can trim the leads and reassemble it. There are chips out of 3 of the 4 corners, and the stick-on label bottom front came off, so it’s not in the best shape. It needs to be aligned to get it performing properly. The case could use cleaning and a polishing.

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