LED Indoor Motion Sensing Lights – Decrease On Time

I bought two of these motion sensing LED lights for my hallway. They have a rechargeable cell that is charged through a micro USB port. To see one inside watch big Clive’s YouTube video – the ebay link to buy them is in his description.

The charge lasts for more than a week with frequent use. The light stays in for too long after I walk down the hallway, so I wanted to shorten the delay time. I opened one up and found that it has a common chip, a BISS0001. I searched and found the datasheet for it. The schematic shows the C6 and R10 control the delay time. I found that R10 was connected to pin3, and it read 47k. So I decided to remove it and put in a 10k. The problem was it’s a surface mount resistor. So I got a 10k SMD resistor and a fine tipped iron and some 0.5mm solder. It was a bit tedious, but the result was satisfactory; the light stays on for less than ten seconds. This should extend the battery life for more than a week.


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