2020-01-22 I was Zucked by a Facebook Group Administrator

Jeff Collins
There are too many admins who have no consideration for members and give no warning to members that they violated some capricious rule that the admin arbitrarily made up. I was banned without warning from an Arduino group for something that wasn’t my fault. The admin decided I had to apologize for blocking another member and unblock him, even though all members have the right to block.

The IP (intellectual property – images and text) that I authored in that group is no longer accessible to me, I cannot modify or delete it. That in my opinion is a violation of the new California law that just took effect. It’s this reason why I decided that I will post my IP to my own blog and link to it, for my own protection.

So I have been ‘Zucked’. Facebook has already had to answer to congress for its transgressions, and has had to pay huge fines. I feel that it’s still unfair to members of groups to have to be so concerned about the irresponsibility of the Facebook communities.

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