2018-05-03 Taxation Realities

From FB group Orange Talk

Robert Baca
Nope. I’m not in favor of taxes. And I’m not in favor of illegals either. But you yourself talk about the Barrio, and how the life wasn’t good. I remember when Chapman and Hewes, which was then called Alameda, was unimproved with no curbs, roads just ended and dirt and weeds. The slatboard stores were there on the corner, and there were no buildings along east Chapman other than the electric substation. There was the strawberry farm off Hewes, owned by a Japanese family. Stoller owned the farm off of Chapman and Crawford Cyn, which used to be Newport Ave. Tom Thumb Hill used to be where the Villeurbanne condos are, as you go up the El Modeno grade to get to Irvine Park. Back then there was no El Modeno H.S., the students had to go all the way downtown to Orange HS.

The reason why I bring all this up is because all those curbs, streets and other infrastructure took money to build. And it still takes money to keep it maintained, to keep the cops and firemen who are needed. It takes money to keep the schools running. And it cost a lot of money to build and run Santiago Canyon College, over the hills next to Irvine Park. I know, because I worked there and at Santa Ana College and the other campuses for more than 3 decades.

Robert, you rant about taxes being out of control. I spent more than a year in Germany when I was in the army. I saw how much they and other Europeans are taxed, for ‘petrol’, for food (no California state taxes), for their TVs and radios (yes, every year!), and for the size of the engines in their cars — that’s why they drive Volkswagens. I think you’re very unappreciative of how easy you have it compared to other countries and other states. I think you should do some serious reading to understand more about civics, government and taxation. I’m down from my soapbox. 😠

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