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2016-10-30 Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

I was on buying some more of the USB LED lights (see photo). I noticed they have these OBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic tool devices for less than six dollars. I thought about buying one, but then I thought about some of the ramifications of using one. They are great because the device eliminates the wiring

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2016-10-26 Why Separate Power Supplies Are Needed

Peter asked a question about why is there a need for two separate power supplies for the same project.  I guess it never occurred to me to explain this simply, so everyone can understand it. I have often had to use a separate power supply for one part of a circuit, with a second supply

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2016-10-18 FM Transmitter Uses Power MOSFET

I watched this YouTube video where the author shows his FM transmitter using a big 60 volt power MOSFET. He also shows a very readable photo of the schematic. The video was made several years ago in 2012. He is powering this transmitter by connecting it to eleven 9 volt batteries in series, totalling 99

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2016-10-04 Joule Thief Powers Field Strength Meter

There are many circuits that are used infrequently that are powered by the usual 9 volt battery. One of these happens to be a field strength meter (FSM), which is used for detecting the power output of a transmitter such as the one a radio amateur uses. Some FSMs are very simple and use no

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2016-10-03 Ordered Thru Hole Transistors

I went online a few days ago and looked for some odd RF transistors, but instead I was shocked.  Almost all of the parts I’ve been using are through hole parts, like transistors in a TO-92 package with wire leads.  I looked at a few distributors such as Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Digikey, Newark.  I found

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