2023-09-27 Some States Will Lag Far Behind Others On EV Adoption

J.D. Power Report Indicates Some US States Will Lag Far Behind Others On EV Adoption

My reply to a comment:

FTE said, “The transition is non-optional. You can’t buy what they won’t sell. This problem fixes itself.”

We (the US) tried that BS with Cuba, and their used cars from the fifties are *still* on the roads. Those that don’t go EV will buy and sell used cars for the next fifty years. And as for fuel, they’ll just keep distilling their own biofuel, ethanol. I imagine there will be attempts to ban ICEVs but that may not be politically feasible for decades. I fully believe that we *must* end the burning of fossil fuels, but there will be those aficionados who try their damnedest to keep ICEVs on the roads. Governments may have to do as they did after the gas shortages: buy up gas guzzlers and forceably scrap them. Put the engines in a giant shredder and recycle the steel. I’ll be happy when the freeway I occasionally walk over has no more ICE sounds, just the whine of EVs. But I’m not holding my breath for that day – it’ll take decades. https://cleantechnica.com/2023/09/27/j-d-power-report-indicates-some-us-states-will-lag-far-behind-others-on-ev-adoption/

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