2022-04-23 Cynic’s Posts Complain But Offer No Solutions

Piotrek Puczek said, “Nothing has been solved, hydrogen will only be for miche applications…”

There are other catalysts besides expensive metals, but they may not be as efficient. But efficiency is not a concern when the power is excess that would otherwise be constrained – wasted, unused. There are Youtube videos of hydrogen generators that use stainless steel (no, not HHO). So “price swings, supply shocks and delays…” are not a concern.

Right now there are several companies producing fully functional hydrogen storage systems. One is Lavo in Australia, another is Picee producing Home Energy System in Germany. Both generate and use H2 in fuel cell. There are also Bloom, Ballard and Plug Power. Green hydrogen is here and will continue to grow.

This cynic posts a lot of opinions biased against green anything, with no links to how others are getting the problems solved.

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