2022-03-30 More EVs Mean Better Health – Lung Assoc.

The American Lung Association claims switching to EVs will save thousands of lives and $72 billion in healthcare costs.


<< The report clearly states, “Air Pollution and Climate Change Threaten Public Health.” The ALA points out that too many Americans are breathing in air that could harm our health. Its State of The Air 2020 report found that 5 out of 10 people — 150 million Americans — live in counties and parishes affected by unhealthy ozone and/or particle pollution. These are the two most widespread air pollutants in the U.S. >>

But the most heartbreaking part of this article is what happened to the author in her 14th year. Scroll down and read:

How Asthma Impacted My Life

If you remember the first month of the lockdown in 2020 when there were nearly no cars on the roads, the smog was gone and the air was clear in a matter of a few days. Well, that will happen again when the gas guzzling cars are replaced by EVs.


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