2022-02-11 Level 5 Autonomy Vehicles Will Make Huge Changes

From Tesla small shareholders

Dylan McGill
Said, “In 10 years Tesla will sell 20X as many cars.”

Not likely. If level 5 autonomy is available to all vehicles, those vehicles will no longer need to be sitting in garages and parking lots for 95% of the time like they do now. Instead those vehicles will be driving themselves to pick up riders like Lyft and Uber do now. The result will be that about 70% fewer vehicles will be needed to do the same service that is done now. The implications will be huge and game changing. Just think of how fewer parking lots will be needed. It will make a huge difference in auto manufacturing, on dealer sales, on car insurance, on car financing. Mass transit will be needed much, much less and drivers will not be needed for Uber, Lyft and taxis. As Elon has said, Tesla’s energy biz may be larger than its auto biz.

Think about it! It’s profound!!

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