2021-11-17 Popping Fossil Fuel Industry’s Hydrogen Hype Bubble

The absurdity is overwhelming.


Quote: << Of course, green hydrogen’s current lack of availability isn’t the only reason it’s not the wonder-fuel the fossil fuel industry has been making it out to be, considering the following: … >>

How can its “lack of availability” prevent it from being a wonder fuel?

The problem today is that there are not enough hydrogen vehicles to justify building filling stations. There are not enough filling stations to justify buying a hydrogen vehicle. This is the classic chicken and egg problem. If every car today ran on hydrogen, and filling stations sold gray (dirty) hydrogen, half of the “chicken and egg” problem would be solved. All we would need to do is change over to green hydrogen and all cars would no longer be the sources of CO2.

But the media claim that the fossil fuel industry is using “hydrogen hype” to sell us on converting to hydrogen so they can sell gray hydrogen made from fossil fuels. And the media portrays this as an evil thing to do.

But there are a fixed number of car drivers (not counting a small amount of growth) and they can drive only so many cars. If the hydrogen hype convinces the public to change to hydrogen, the HFCEVs (hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles) will replace the gas guzzlers on the roads. That’s great! That will eliminate almost all of the pollution from vehicles.

It doesn’t matter whether the HFCEVs run on gray or green hydrogen — the vehicles emit no greenhouse gases themselves. All vehicles will, by law, be required to stop using fossil fuels. It will be mandatory that gray hydrogen be replaced by green hydrogen.

So what we see is the anti’s fighting the fossil fuel industry and the war is causing collateral damage. And it’s delaying the conversion to fossil fuel-free vehicles.

Green Hydrogen Water Use

Quote: <<

  • Electrolysis is also a water-intensive process. Every kilogram of green hydrogen produced requires between 9 and 11 liters of water (source).
  • Because electrolysis breaks down water into constituent elements, this water needs to be purified. Most industrial water purification processes require, at minimum, a ratio of 2:1 wastewater to pure water, effectively doubling the amount of water required. This means each ton of green hydrogen could require up to 18 tons of water total, and not all of that water can be recycled (source).

The amount of water used is not important as water purification is done by desalination plants and they use sea water, which is plentiful. The number of desalination plants will increase as climate change causes increased droughts.

The byproduct of fuel cells is pure water. The design of the fuel cell system can be changed to a closed loop. Every time a vehicle is charged, it could return the pure water to the charging station to be reused.

If steel is exposed to hydrogen at high temperatures, hydrogen will diffuse into the alloy and combine with carbon to form tiny pockets of methane. This methane does not diffuse out of the metal and cracks the steel. This process, called “hydrogen embrittlement,” means that hydrogen cannot simply be stored and transported with existing infrastructure (source). >>

This is another false narrative. Hydrogen *is* “stored and transported with existing infrastructure”!!

All of the huge amounts of gray hydrogen being made today is stored and transported using steel pipes and containers. It may be mild, low carbon steel. All the ammonia that is used for fertilizer is made with hydrogen. This is mature technology that’s been around for many decades. There is no magic to doing it.

The only things that need to be transported are water and electricity, and the hydrogen can be generated onsite where it is sold.

<< The environmental justice community has spoken – hydrogen’s use should not be directed by fossil fuel industry players who stand to benefit from extending the life of assets that have already done significant harm to low-income and Black and Brown communities. >>

This seems absurd! The hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are using hydrogen, which is not made in a refinery where crude oil is made into gasoline. As I stated above, the hydrogen is displacing the gasoline and when all vehicles are HFCEVs there will be no need for fossil fuel refineries! The laws will require that hydrogen not be made from fossil fuels, AKA methane.

This seems like the “environmental justice community” is on the side of Big Oil! It’s as if they want to prevent HFCEVs in order to prolong the use of fossil fueled vehicles! How absurd!

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