2021-10-12 Climate Change Deniers Want To Believe Disinformation

The climate change deniers want to believe there is no climate change, that everything will be just fine if we do nothing to combat climate change. Is it fear of uncertainty and upheaval that drives them to fail to deal with reality?

These CCDs (climate change deniers) actively seek to prove to themselves that climate change is false. They have found plenty of misinformation that confirms their unbelief.

A very common denialist claim is that climate changes are natural variability, and there is no reason why we should be concerned about the changes and we should continue on, with business as usual. This causes difficulty because climate is variable. Over recent decades researchers have refined the science behind climate and can differentiate between natural variability and human caused climate change. We know that human caused changes are predominating natural changes, and causing global warming. The CO2 is just one segment of the total picture, there are other human causes such as deforestation and ocean acidification.

Another denialist claim is that climate change is just a theory, that it’s based on unsound science. They are aided by fossil fuel interests who hire scientists to ‘cook the books’ and manipulate data to make charts to disprove the climate change theory. But climate change is much more than theory. The observations plus scientific research confirm climate change. And the research proves beyond doubt that this climate change is being caused by humans.

A common denialist ploy is to tell everyone how bad the climate change solutions are. One is to claim that the fossil fuel replacements are as bad or worse for greenhouse gases as the fossil fuels. The raw materials for the renewables have to come from somewhere and if those sources are generating greenhouse gases that’s not the fault of the renewables. We have to clean up all sources of GHGs (greenhouse gases) and that will happen but we have identified where the major sources of GHGs are and we are working on them first. One major source is transportation and the world is working on replacing fossil fuels with electric power.

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