2021-09-29 YouTube Bans Antivaxxers

YouTube made the national news today; they banned the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ antivaxxers that were still using YouTube to spread antivax disinformation. Two antivaxxers were still on YouTube but YouTube is looking into their channels; they use their channels to link to their own disinformation websites.


The only way we will end this pandemic is if most people are vaccinated or are immunized by having Covid-19. The antivaxxers are causing the pandemic to continue because their disinformation causes people to not get vaccinated.

The Disinformation Dozen make a lot of money from their YouTube channels. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. admitted he lost a lot of income when social media banned him.

Some of these antivaxxers claim that their free speech rights are being violated. The free speech in the Constitution only applies to the government restricting the free speech of its citizens. Private companies have issued user agreements that users must obey and violating these terms is the reason why antivaxxers are banned.

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