2021-08-20 More On Antivaxxers

More replies to antivaxxers.

Ms. Busby says she lives in Orange, CA.

But Zaba says Idaho.

Tina Marie Busby

The antivaxxers are making money upon the deaths of innocent people who fall for their lies. The antivaxxers kill many to make money by lying to others that they are trying to save lives. There is a special place in hell for that kind of pure evil.*

Everyone should have the right to choose to protect themselves from deadly disease. But when other unscrupulous grifters feed them Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in order to make money, then the grifters should be punished.

If you refuse to get vaccinated then the virus has your permission to kill you. You’re one less foolish human who is wasting space and resources on earth. It’s okay to give your body back to Mother Nature to be reborn as a person with more common sense.

I said a prayer at night:

May the great Almighty dispel the misconceptions of vaccine hesitancy and replace them with the truth that getting vaccinated is the right thing to do.

* Questions: (picture the answers in your mind)

What is the punishment for murdering a person?

What is the punishment for serial murderers who kill many people?

What should the punishment be for the serial killers who kill unknown thousands of people with their lies? Should they receive the death sentence?

YouTube Video including the Dirty Dozen


Tina Marie Busby
Do I make money by telling you lies? No. Do I care what you think of me? No. Do I care if 12 (or more) greedy, irresponsible liars make money by sensationalizing anything they can, causing fear, uncertainty, doubt in millions of people? Yes I do, because it causes great harm to those people and especially to the rest of humanity who are hurt and killed by COVID-19.

Young adults, children and anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated are especially vulnerable. Those adults who are not vaccinated are going to be shut out more and more as more entities require being vaccinated to participate. That’s a form of discrimination but it’s necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19. Protect yourself and your family by getting vaccinated.

Amy Anderson Luciene
Said, “(Israel) only used Pfizer-mRNA technology…”

Have they used Pfizer vaccine? Or was it their own vaccine made like Pfizer?

Have they kept the vaccine under -95 degrees C? This is a tough one to do because it has to be so cold.

What other factors are causing Israel to have such poor results compared to the US?

I wouldn’t be concerned about Israel because their investigations will get to the cause of their vaccine failures.

Amy Anderson Luciene

So you have 1 chance in 9 of getting covid-19 and 1 chance in 60 of dying. Then statistically you have about 1 chance in 540 of dying from covid-19 in the US.

But vaccinated people have much better odds of not dying from covid-19. COVID-19 vaccination reduces chances of death by 98% or better than fifty times safer if you’re vaccinated.

I stand by my statement that if you’re more concerned about the dangers of vaccination than concerned about getting covid-19 and dying, then you’ve been bombarded with disinformation to the point that you’re brainwashed.

The worst point is those who give false vaccination information are directly contributing to the deaths of others. That’s evil.

Stephanie Blackwell Geiger
Said, “This (vaccine) is messing with peoples’ DNA without any trials.”

Those are both FALSE.
The DNA is located inside of the cell’s nucleus. The vaccine mRNA *never* enters the nucleus; it uses the cell’s proteins *outside* of the nucleus to make the virus spike protein. The vaccine does *not* “mess with the DNA”!!

The vaccines have been tested on tens of thousands of patients *before* they were authorized for everyone. Then over 135 million people have been vaccinated in the US alone, which is the biggest test yet. And it passed successfully! Next week (it’s Sat 2021 Aug 21) the Pfizer vaccine will be given full approval!

You said people are dying from the vaccination. You have to make the choice of one chance in 500 of dying from covid-19, or one chance in millions of dying from a vaccination. The best choice is obvious! Don’t be a fool! Get vaccinated!

Amy Anderson Luciene
Said, “1.67% of people who have experienced covid in America have died.”

That has been over a period of a bit more than a year. So “when you look at it as a whole”, over the period of a decade, assuming so many people don’t get vaccinated, the US will lose close to 20% or 1/5th of its population. Now is that “”still a very low number when you look at it as a whole”” ??? Your statement looks absurdly idiotic.

Next week they will give the Pfizer vaccine full approval. Over 135 *million* human “guinea pigs” have been given the vaccine and it has passed with flying colors! So go get vaccinated! Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution!

Amy Anderson Luciene
Said, “… majority against the vaccine are refusing because it is a new technology that has failed in animal studies as is not tested on humans.”

It’s a new technology that has succeeded in over 135 million “humans” in the US, and has proved that it keeps the vaccinated out of the hospitals – 99.8% in hospitals are unvaccinated.

How can you say it has not been tested on humans? That’s a pants-on-fire lie!

A million people a week are now getting vaccinated because it is accepted by all those who are not living a lie. You’ve been living a lie of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Break free from that and get vaccinated so you can join others who are vaccinated. The unvaccinated will be increasingly shut out of participating in activities with groups of people, and that’s for their own protection.

If you prefer, get inoculated by becoming infected with Covid-19. But if you’re sick, you must self quarantine. Some states are fining sick people who don’t – $5000.00.

Mon Aug 23 followup reply:

Amy Anderson Luciene
Said, “Your stats about 99.8% are completely inaccurate.”

<< Of the more than 168 million fully vaccinated Americans, 0.004% have been hospitalized or died from the virus. >> Source: CDC

I am accusing you of telling pants-on-fire LIES. Stop the BS! Stop making lame excuses!
Get vaccinated! The FDA gave full approval to the Pfizer vaccine today, Mon, Aug 23, 2021.

I couldn’t find the proof of the above quote on the CDC website and reported it to the CDC. But numerous media outlets quote this figure and source it from the CDC. Here is an example with the exact numbers.


Someone left this meme:

It should say, “I can KILL stupid!


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