2021-08-08 Antivaxxers Are EVIL – Dirty Dozen

My statements from comments to a video of a doctor

He’s not harsh enough on condemning antivaxxers. The antivaxxers are making money upon the deaths of innocent people who fall for their lies. The antivaxxers kill many to make money by lying to others that they are trying to save lives. There is a special place in hell for that kind of pure evil.*

Everyone should have the right to choose to protect themselves from deadly disease. But when other unscrupulous grifters feed them Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in order to make money, then the grifters should be punished.

If you refuse to get vaccinated then the virus has your permission to kill you. You’re one less foolish human who is wasting space and resources on earth. It’s okay to give your body back to Mother Nature to be reborn as a person with more common sense.

I said a prayer at night:

May the great Almighty dispel the misconceptions of vaccine hesitancy and replace them with the truth that getting vaccinated is the right thing to do.

* Questions: (picture the answers in your mind)

What is the punishment for murdering a person?

What is the punishment for serial murderers who kill many people?

What should the punishment be for the serial killers who kill unknown thousands of people with their lies? Should they receive the death sentence?


YouTube Video including the Dirty Dozen


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