2021-07-28 New Johnson Campus Center Reopening

2021-07-27 — I went to Santa Ana College this afternoon to the Grand Reopening of the new Johnson Student Center. Beautiful 63,600 sq. ft. building, cost $60 million. I started working at SAC when they were building the original Johnson Center which then opened in 1981. So from ’81 to 2015(? A year or so after I retired), or about 34 years the old bldg served as the cafeteria, bookstore, etc. That’s not a very long time — usually these bldgs last for 50 or more years. The E bldg is just west of the Johnson Center and it’s been standing since 1947. The gym is from 1954. But the original Johnson Center had some serious deficiencies, one was it had a lot of windows, all single paned. And that meant it used a lot of heating and air conditioning. The new bldg has a lot of windows but they’re double paned. Lots of open ceilings with the ducts and conduits painted black. But it looks nice. I went in and walked around and ran into Hugh and Linda. So we walked around and visited and I bought a SAC T-shirt and got a free SAC hat and frisbee. 👍🤗 Afterward we went across the street and ate at Chipotle.

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