2021-06-04 EVs Will Require More Power Plants Debunked

My reply to FB comment.

Jeffery D. Elliott
Said, “… the demand for electricity [for charging] will require more power plants and that will drive the cost up. You don’t hear much about that.”

The reason why you don’t ‘hear much about that’ is because it’s *not true*.

The amount of power wasted by the gasoline car is more than 75%, the amount of power wasted by an EV is less than 10%. The amount of electricity used by all the EVs is not any more than the amount of electricity saved by no longer mining oil or making the gasoline or oil refining or transporting or storing or pumping and the the power used by gas stations and the whole oil industry, which will shrink dramatically.

Don’t believe these “require more power plants” nonsense.

Along with the decrease in oil refining, transporting and using fossil fuels, there will be a drop in emissions and air pollution, up to 90%. We will have much healthier air. With more room to plant trees in cities, there will be a much better living environment.

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