2021-05-07 LAVO 30 Year Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

This short story gives the price of a Lavo green hydrogen fuel cell system as AU$35,000, I’m assuming it’s Australian dollars. It says the system is good for 30 years.


Here is JHAT channel’s video about it. Skip first 2 mins.


A comment in the above video said this (quote):

<< owmid 6rgy. 1 month ago (edited)

Such a system is already commercially available from a German start up called HPS from Berlin. The system is called PICEA. It uses solar panels to generate electricity and electrolysis to store that energy in form of H2 during summer. During winter the system uses a fuel cell to convert H2 back to electricity. Downsides are poor efficiency over a whole cylce (summer->winter) and the price you’ll need to pay ranging from 60k€ to 90k€ depending on the size of the H2 tanks. >>

Here’s the HPS (Home Power Solutions) website.



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