2021-02-20 Bill Gates Attacked By Self-righteous Hypocrites

From reply in FB group Scientists Warning

AD Mitchell
Said about Bill Gates “There’s some good info…” and “… a billionaire can buy the eyes and ears of millions of people, so it’s good to know what he is saying.”

At least AD has a bit of common sense. Bill Gates is telling “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster” in his book of that name. So why is he being attacked for trying to help?

There are these other nasty critics who attack Gates for being wealthy (which he admits to being). They say hypocritical things about this philanthropist who has done thousands of times more to stop climate change than these critics have done. Gates has been conscientious, which I doubt any of these self-righteous critics have been.


Jennifer Mary Tess
Said, “…listen to some person who happens to be good at making money and crushing his competition unfairly than actual climate scientists.”

I think you are misinformed. Gates doesn’t have an active role in Microsoft. I agree that Microsoft doesn’t have the goodest reputation, but your hatred is one of the reasons why the planet is on the brink of disaster. This former head of Microsoft has become enlightened and informed and is trying to save the planet. As you said,
“Perhaps your values need some thought.”

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