2021-02-12 Fake News, False Accusations On Trial

I have blogged about the ‘alternate truth’ from the extreme Right. This article is about Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against a blogger and an author in a conservative magazine. They have not been able to prove that Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ showing global warming is in error. The climate change deniers have used the same tactics that the cigarette makers used to lie and keep selling their cancer sticks. But in this case the stakes are much greater — the fate of Mother Earth is at stake. The consequences should be very high!

Let’s hope this lawsuit gets some good results for Mann. Because it may set a precedent so that when Smartmatic and Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox News gets tried in court. See my 2021-02-06 blog.



<< A ruling in Mann’s favor could have implications for anyone publishing smears based on falsehoods, giving the case, filed years before the Trump era, a new salience amid the rapid spread of dangerous and reputation-damaging conspiracy mongering and disinformation on the Internet.

“The American people are fed up with fake news and false accusations,” Mann said in a statement emailed by his lawyers, “and this case will hopefully prove that there are consequences for this type of behavior.” >>

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