2021-01-12 Trump Said”It Was Totally Appropriate”

The Congress is getting more onboard with impeaching Trump a second time. Some Republicans – Liz Cheney for one – are saying they believe what Trump said was incitement to insurrection and will vote for impeachment. The Democrats may have enough votes in the Senate to convict.

Trump spoke at the southern border and said that what he said was analyzed and “was totally appropriate”, which is totally opposite what the public believe. He projected defiance, blamed others for his actions. He is still spreading disinformation, that Antifas caused it. He still supports the actions of his followers.

Trump apparently is not cognizant that what he is doing is interfering with the legislative branch of the U.S. Government. This is contrary to the separation of powers. The more than 60 lawsuits that were filed by Trumpsters have been rejected by the courts, so he was forced into doing this interference in the legislative branch of the government in order to change the election results in his favor.

Rep. Tom Reed (R) NY opposes impeachment. He wants to “lower the temperature” in America “and do not encourage any type of violence.” I agree that “lowering the temperature” is a good idea but Trump keeps on raising the temperature and forcing the rest of the country to put out the fire.

What is so bizarre is that Trump is incapable or unwilling to admit that what he said was inappropriate or wrong. He refuses to show any contrition or apologize. This mental flaw is what has been getting him into trouble and will be his undoing again. He blames others – the newsmedia for example – for what he has done himself.


Here is a link to the House’s Article of Impeachment of Trump:


Trump said about the impeachment “I think it’s causing tremendous danger to our country and tremendous anger…” But he totally fails to acknowledge that the sole reason for this “danger and anger” has been his actions.

My thoughts: Trump is like the Moon, which is the brightest object in the sky, but only when it’s dark. Darkness makes it the brightest. Trump will no longer be the brightest when the truth takes the darkness away.

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