2020-09-11 Future Must Include Nuclear Power

Read the paragraphs below. The “…electricity on a dispatchable basis” is not true. Nuclear reactors are meant to be run at full output – “base load”, not throttled on and off to meet demand.

“…we understand how to build…” Is far from the truth. The western countries have seen the recently built NPPs have massive cost overruns and delays of a decade or more. That shows they don’t know how to build nuclear power plants.

The last paragraph is absurd.

Quoted from


<< There is simply not another energy technology before us today that can do the things that nuclear can do. Nuclear can provide very large amounts of carbon-free electricity on a dispatchable basis. Nuclear is a technology that is easily expandable under the right situation, that we understand how to build and operate, and we have the ability to use this technology to match with renewables to enable us to be successful.”

Magwood added that if nuclear is not employed in sufficient quantities “then the world is very likely to fail quite miserably in its climate objectives”. >>

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