2018-05-01 “Mess We’re In” Caused By Mindset, Not Illegals

From FB group Orange Talk

Melanie Rhoads
You said “they are here…” By “they” I assume you mean Illegal aliens. By here I assume this country. If so, there are over 11 million illegals in the country, and over a million of them in California alone. Your “100’s of thousands” is too low by ten or a hundred times.

I’m not part of your lamely attempting to categorize the problem and blame it on a political faction. This is not the “problem that’s gotten into the mess we’re in” that you claim. The problem is *your* mindset. This same mindset is what kept out “orientals” more than a hundred years ago. Before that this mindset got us into a civil war over slavery. Something was done about this mindset in the ’60s, it was called the Civil Rights Act. There are still those that try to blame the “problems” on one race or ethnicity or religion or race or nationality.

The reality is that there are 11 million people who are here and are doing better than they were before. They’re here and there are too many to round up and send back as so many of you want to do. You and others like you have this mindset that totally lacks any pragmatic thought about the reality. The reality is that this nation is made up of diverse people, they have been and they always will be. And they will see through the futility of trying to change something that’s already happened, and can’t be undone. The only thing that will stop illegal immigration is if the living standards of foreign countries come up to the US, or the US sinks to the level of those foreign countries. Personally, I think that the latter might happen before the former, but I’m hoping it doesn’t. And your invalid mindset is not doing anything to help.

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