2017-08-27 A 555 Is Easier And Cheaper Than a PIC

From a FB group post.

“primitive transistors”

I think that’s ironic.  The 555 makes the design easier for the builder.  It has all the parts so the builder doesn’t have to build from scratch.  Like making a cake using Betty Crocker’s cake mix instead of flour, eggs, etc, and no need for a recipe.  It’s the lazy way to do it.

I once got into a disagreement with others on a Usenet newsgroup about using a 555 to flash a LED.  They wanted the OP to buy a PIC controller chip, load software on a PC, learn to develop and debug software, and burn the program into the PIC, just to flash a LED.  I argued that why should he have to do all that when it would be so much easier and cheaper to do it with a 555.

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