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2021-10-01 Climageddon – Greenwashing by Corporations

The problem with the corporations and businesses is they are not taking the climate change urgency seriously. The world cannot continue on with ‘business as usual’! There should be a declaration of war on climate change. Greta is right: the powers that be do not care about the future of the world; all they are

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2021-10-01 How Many Solar Panels To Power The World?

This 21 minute YouTube video asks how many solar panels will it take to power the whole world. The answer is 23 Billion. In 2017 the total was 162 quadrillion Watt-hours in one year. In 2020 the US used around 3,500 terawatt-hours of electricity. He said a commercial solar panel is 1 meter wide and

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2021-09-30 Offshore Wind Blows 24 hrs / 365 days

There are some renewables that are almost 100% reliable. One is geothermal power. Another might be offshore wind turbines. Quote: from description in YouTube video << Offshore wind farms solve one of renewable energy’s biggest problems: unreliability. With wind almost always blowing on sea, there is no lack of power. >>

2021-09-30 UK Law To Switch Off Chargers To Prevent Blackouts

This makes good sense. If the charger is V2G then it would already be under control of the grid. The chargers could be (and probably are) WiFi enabled so they could be enabled, disabled or controlled remotely by the utility.

2021-09-30 Convert CO2 Into Starch

This is the kind of discovery that seriously needs to be researched and developed. This could free up huge amounts of farmland that could be used for other purposes such as reforestation. The CO2 would be prevented from going into the atmosphere and contributing to the greenhouse gases. Starch could be used in place of

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2021-09-29 YouTube Bans Antivaxxers

YouTube made the national news today; they banned the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ antivaxxers that were still using YouTube to spread antivax disinformation. Two antivaxxers were still on YouTube but YouTube is looking into their channels; they use their channels to link to their own disinformation websites. The only way we will end this pandemic is

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2021-09-29 Renewables plus Storage Are Replacing Fossil Fuel Plants

Reply on SCE sponsored FB ad Larry Jasmin You can degree-wave all you want and it doesn’t change the facts: you’re being ignored by the ones who make the decisions on what generation sources are going to be replacing thermal power plants. It’s understandable that you’re concerned about losing your job along with thermal power

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2021-09-29 Nuclear Fusion Will Always Be 20 Years Away

This video brings reality to the nuclear fusion gamble. He uses not encouraging words like: “This is a common bamboozling tactic that’s frequently used in fusion.” “Unethical, privately funded startup…” “…use the hype to sell their shares for higher than they bought them.” Especially discouraging is the difficulty of breeding tritium. It’s supposedly going to

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2021-09-29 Eviation Electric Airplane, 9 Passenger

This is not a one-off, experimental! It’s a production airplane.

2021-09-29 Climate Change Reply

From FB group Climate Change Jerome Wasil The information he quoted [see yesterdays blog] is from the two websites that are given at the bottom. This is not research, it’s false narrative. The information was taken out of context and misquoted. The last section quotes the Third Assessment Report which is more than a dozen

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