2021-09-29 Renewables plus Storage Are Replacing Fossil Fuel Plants

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Larry Jasmin
You can degree-wave all you want and it doesn’t change the facts: you’re being ignored by the ones who make the decisions on what generation sources are going to be replacing thermal power plants. It’s understandable that you’re concerned about losing your job along with thermal power plants. But the replacements of coal and gas power plants won’t stop until every last fossil fueled plant is decommissioned.

As for “reliable, always on gas turbine plants”, they were financed and constructed with the plan to keep them running at 85% or more capacity. But thanks to solar and wind, the gas turbines are operating as peaker plants under 50%, sometimes 5% capacity. And as utilities build more BESS – battery energy storage systems – they’re being taken out of service like in Ventura and Moss landing.

So you had better get retrained for a job in renewables plus storage. The whole changeover will take a decade or less (hopefully much less!).

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