2021-10-01 How Many Solar Panels To Power The World?

This 21 minute YouTube video asks how many solar panels will it take to power the whole world.

The answer is 23 Billion.

In 2017 the total was 162 quadrillion Watt-hours in one year.

In 2020 the US used around 3,500 terawatt-hours of electricity.

He said a commercial solar panel is 1 meter wide and 2 meters tall, with 96 solar cells and is about 20% efficient.

A typical solar farm requires about 4 acres for every megawatt.

America’s solar farm would cover 8 million acres. That’s a hat on the top of Texas, “the only state with a one star review.” 😱🤣😂🤣

How does that compare to fossil fuels? 26 million acres are leased to gas and oil; 10 million acres to coal; and 22 million acres are used to grow the corn to make the ethanol used in gasoline.

BTW, 41% of the land in the US is dedicated to raising cows or to grow the food to feed them.

Around 20% of all the energy we use is electric.


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