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2016-01-25 Samsung Galaxy GrandPrime

I have been using a Moto G smart phone for the last year, and I have been very unhappy with it.  It has been a total pain since I got it.  Whenever it is being charged, the touch screen loses sensitivity and it is nearly impossible to type or scroll.  The last few months, it

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2016-01-19 Weird Joule Thief With No Resistor

I found this on YouTube.  It has no resistors, no capacitors, just two transistors and two inductors.  And and a 1.5V cell and LED of course. I redrew the topsy-turvy schematic that was shown at the beginning.  It was confusing with the minus on the left and plus on the right.  It makes more sense

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2016-01-18 TV Freeway Antenna

I saw this advertised on TV yesterday.  I thought that with no power and connecting to the coax jack, this had to be an antenna.  But it didn’t tell you that in the TV ad.  So I went to their website and found that in the fine print, it says that it’s a VHF UHF

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2016-01-17 White LED Torch

I found this single cell white LED torch (flashlight) from EDN.  The author claims it is efficient.  I like the Q5 active rectifier concept.  It seems that designers are doing this more often, especially with high power designs.  But they use MOSFETs, which do not draw gate current like a BJT draws base current.  Since

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