2021-07-29 The Real Reason For Vaccines Is The Economy

From my YT comment

The truth is that “saving peoples’ lives” is just secondary to the real reason why the government wants people to get vaccinated. The real reason is . . . It’s the economy. The government wants to end this pandemic and get people back to work. It wants to empty all the hospital beds that are filled with sick and dying CoVID19 patients. It wants to end having renters and landlords fall behind on their payments because they can’t do their jobs while they’re taking care of their kids at home. It’s about all the businesses that had to go out of business because their customers couldn’t pay or there were no more customers. The government wants to stop having to pay out hundreds of billions to keep the economy from sinking. So in reality, *it’s all about the money.*

So get vaccinated so we can end the mess we’re in and get back to normal. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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