2021-04-07 CoVID19 And Vaccination

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Michael Chumpitazi Jr.
Said, “…mind your business … stop worrying about [other people getting vaccinated]”
That’s why you’re part of the problem, not the solution. You fail to recognize that prior to CoVID19 everyone was spreading this contagious disease just by being close enough to someone else to shake their hand. Being in a crowd of people for an hour (like kids in a classroom) is almost certain to infect one with CoVID19.

If you want to stop being infected; if you want to stop this contagious CoVID19, you should get vaccinated. If enough people don’t get vaccinated, then the public health will make it harder for those unvaccinated *disease carriers* to do normal activities. You’re required by law to wear a mask in public places. Just wait until you are required by law to be vaccinated to be in a public place.

As long as your failure to get vaccinated affects everyone else, then everyone else will *shun you* until you are vaccinated. Simple.

Eddie Flores
If a drug addict dies from overdose, it doesn’t affect other’s health (loved ones will be deeply saddened). But an unvaccinated *disease carrier* can sicken or kill anyone he comes in contact with.

Catching the flu, a disease that makes everyone sick, makes the sick ones stay home in bed and reduces the chance that he will spread the flu. Getting CoVID19 and feeling no symptoms, going about normally and spreading it to everyone he comes in contact with, makes CoVID19 *the perfect storm* that spreads like wildfire.

How would you feel if everyone you came in contact with had a deadly weapon hidden in his body, and could kill just by breathing near you?

Lauralyn Bateson Johnson
Others here are saying that if you’re vaccinated you can still get CoVID19.

Does it make sense to you to say “…then it doesn’t matter if someone does or doesn’t [get the shot]”? Right?

I’m asking you because from what I’ve seen, the mask, the distance, avoiding the crowd, *and* the shot are all not 100% effective. But combining 2 or more helps considerably.

The virus attacks the ACE2 receptors in your cardiopulmonary system. It can kill you. It can do little or no harm. It can make you temporarily sick like the flu, but with effects that can last for months or years. How many out there got CoVID19 and easily recovered, but lost a small amount of their lung function, and won’t realize it until they get older and end up with emphysema and on an oxygen tank? Those won’t be known for years or decades. Did you grow up in the LA basin? I did and smog was so bad that it made us wheeze after phys ed class in high school. I lost some of my lung function because of air pollution, and I don’t want to end up unable to breathe without oxygen.

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