2020-09-21 Hydrogen Fuel Cells V. Battery Electric Vehicles

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Said, “[Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles] will die…” Right now, it looks like Toyota’s Mirai, Hyundai and Honda all have a sizeable stake in the HFC market future. These are not backyard grease monkeys, these are car companies that have done a lot research and development. Toyota has had FCVs on the road for two decades. There are 45 hydrogen fueling stations in California with more being built. So they’ve committed and the ball is rolling. Right now hydrogen is more expensive but it should get cheaper as sales volume increases. If batteries ever get to be as fast as refueling hydrogen vehicles then the hydrogen FCVs will have to be concerned. But heavy vehicles will still be hydrogen fuel because it’s much lighter than batteries.

But the future of both FCEVs and BEVs is very important because the transition to a fossil fuel free economy is mandatory. ICEs (internal combustion engines) will have to be run on fuel that is not fossil fuel. That could be ethanol, since there are already a significant number of cars on the roads that are Flex Fuel and can run on ‘E85’ or 85% ethanol. But there is not enough land to grow the crops to make a lot of ethanol, and the cost will be high. Another alternative will be to run the ICEs on hydrogen. That may be cost effective to convert existing ICEs. But the cost is higher to manufacture new ICEs to compete with BEVs, so eventually all vehicles will be electric for economic reasons. Somewhere it said that the ‘drivetrains’ of EVs have less than 2 dozen moving parts. Compare that to hundreds of parts in an ICE.

Time will tell.


2020-09-20 The Website

The stop hate for profit movement on Facebook that is still taking place.

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Stop Hate for Profit is an ongoing campaign to hold social media companies accountable for hate on their platforms. Social media must prioritize people over profit, and they must do it now.


Also this news article.


2020-09-19 BLM Does Not Matter To Blacks

Black Lives Matter does not matter to blacks. Most black homicides are caused by blacks killing blacks. Here are the shocking statistics in this short 5.6 min. YouTube video. I had to watch it a few times to let it sink in. It’s important that everyone understands that the real problem is not the police; the problem is the neighbors around you who are killing each other.


@Coco G
Said, “…this election will [affect] the US like no other election.”
The 2016 election shaped the US like no other previous election. It allowed the Russkies to get a ‘businessman’ as president who admits that he was using the bankruptcy laws to his advantage. By simple observation this ‘businessman’ is in cahoots with the Russians. If the Russian Internet Research Agency hadn’t meddled with social media, he wouldn’t be president, so that was the election that “shaped the US” like no other.

When has there ever been a president who let a news network shape policy instead of the agencies of the government?? When was there ever a congressional political party that allowed an impeached president to meddle with its financial legislation regarding a foreign country (Ukraine)? When was there ever a president who had so many of his staff convicted and sent to jail? When has there been a president who caused so much embarrassment to his political party? There are so many more “abnormalities” that I could talk about.

It could be that the president gets reelected and both houses of Congress are controlled by the Democrats. Then Congress could impeach the president and convict him too. Then we would have Pence for president. That could be just as bad or worse.


2020-09-18 Kodak Sued US For Fogging Their Film – Radioactive Fallout

I knew about radioactive fallout from atomic bomb tests, but I didn’t know that it damaged Kodak film. What’s very dismaying is that the US government warned Kodak but they didn’t warn people about the dangerous fallout. Tens of thousands of thyroid cancers caused by radioactive iodine. Strontium in our bones causing cancer. That’s shameful. They should never have tested the atomic bombs in Nevada where the fallout fell over large areas of the US.

A 13.4 minute YouTube video.


2020-09-18 Alan Walker Music Video Fantasy

Very nice!
To wake up to.


2020-09-17 How Long Will Lithium Supplies Last?

This article paints a doom and gloom picture of the lithium supply. Lithium is the 25th most common element on earth. It’s not that rare. According to Wikipedia it’s as common as chlorine. It says the seawater has 230 BILLION tonnes. So the supply is not going to run out, it’s just going to get more expensive to extract from the ocean. Elon Musk says there’s enough lithium just in Nevada to supply all the hundred plus million cars in the US. In order to extract lithium from clay they just pour seawater through the clay.

Quote from Wikipedia


Although lithium is widely distributed on Earth, it does not naturally occur in elemental form due to its high reactivity.[4] The total lithium content of seawater is very large and is estimated as 230 billion tonnes, where the element exists at a relatively constant concentration of 0.14 to 0.25 parts per million (ppm),[47][48] or 25 micromolar;[49] higher concentrations approaching 7 ppm are found near hydrothermal vents.[48]

Estimates for the Earth’s crustal content range from 20 to 70 ppm by weight.[18] Lithium constitutes about 0.002 percent of Earth’s crust.[50] In keeping with its name, lithium forms a minor part of igneous rocks, with the largest concentrations in granites. …

A newer source for lithium is hectorite clay, the only active development of which is through the Western Lithium Corporation in the United States.[53] At 20 mg lithium per kg of Earth’s crust,[54] lithium is the 25th most abundant element. >>


2020-09-16 Aug 14 & 15 Rolling Blackouts, etc.

It was obvious why there were rolling blackouts during the heat wave we had in mid-August. There was a huge high pressure dome over the western states and demand in the other states took away from the normal amounts of power that California imports from other states. Much of the imported power comes from Palo Verde Nuclear generating plant in Arizona and from the Pacific DC Intertie near the Dalles in Oregon. Also the Intermountain DC Intertie in Utah.

Another thought that should be considered. There were plans to connect the Eastern and Western grids of the US at a point at Tres Amigas (see note below). This could have saved the consumers money by distributing the loads. But the fossil fuel industry got the FERC feds to put it on hold because it would reduce the amount of coal being used. So the two halves remain disconnected.


A quote from here

<< On October 13, 2009, the Tres Amigas SuperStation was announced to connect the Eastern, Western and Texas Interconnections via three 5 GW superconductor links.[3] As of 2017, the project was reduced in scope and only related infrastructure was constructed for nearby wind projects connecting to the Western Interconnection.[4]



2020-09-15 Perception Of US Lowest in 20 years

The perception in other countries of the US and Trump is the lowest in 20 years. See the bar graph here.

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America’s reputation among some allies has fallen to its lowest point in nearly two decades, according to a global survey.

The findings of the Pew Research Center poll reflect public perceptions of the US in 13 countries.

Positive views of the US has fallen to a median of 34% across the countries surveyed, and only 16% confidence in President Trump.

An overwhelming majority – 84%- said the US has handled coronavirus badly.

Though favourable views of the US has been falling in recent years, in 2020, the perceptions in several countries were the lowest Pew had seen since it began polling on the subject some 20 years ago.



2020-09-14 I Have Blood On My Hands. Facebook

About Russian IRA, fake accounts, inauthentic behavior


2020-09-13 What Is The Best Thing

Tom Scott does a poll with over a million votes. I concur. 😂👍

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