2020-06-23 LM386 1W Mono Amplifier Input Jack Reconfig

A year or so ago I bought a few 1W mono amplifiers from a Chinese eBay seller for cheap – see the attached photos. The only marking on the PC board is YX-1667 but I’m not sure if that’s the potentiometer or the PC board itself.

I found that if I pushed the 3.5mm plug all the way in to the input jack like it’s supposed to be, it didn’t have continuity, I had to leave the plug pushed halfway into the jack for it to work. So I just left it that way. I checked the jack and it was connected to the volume control improperly, the Ring was connected instead of the Tip.

So now I decided to correct the problem. I also found that the input had a 0.1 uF (104) ceramic capacitor between the jack and the volume control, which isn’t needed for DC blocking because there is no DC; however it does roll off the low frequencies so I decided it wasn’t needed, but it can be left in the circuit.

I decided to put a short insulated jumper wire between the outermost unused jack pin directly to the pin of the 100k potentiometer. I soldered it like shown in the PC side of the board, being careful that the jumper didn’t short to the grounded copper foil that is close to the jack pin.

Another way to do this would be to cut the pad from the soldered jack pins in half. Then solder a jumper from the outermost unconnected jack pin to the capacitor half of the cut pad. This will keep the capacitor in the circuit.

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2020-06-22 First Wind Turbine Installed In US Federal Waters; Wind now 100GW+

Great! Now we have to get a lot more installed off *all* coasts.

This is onshore wind. That 100 GW is the same as 100 full-sized power plants. We need a lot more! The US has a few thousand.


2020-06-21 Trump In Arizona Non-existent Border Wall

2020-06-23 Salon article here

<<After his debacle in Tulsa, a huge failure with an abysmal turnout and what may still have been a super-spreader event for a deadly virus, Donald Trump needs to set low expectations. Instead, he is back out on the campaign trail Tuesday, making his third trip in five months to Arizona — a state that on Monday reported another record day for COVID-19 hospitalizations — to tout what he calls a major milestone on the long road to achieve his No. 1 campaign promise, building a “big, beautiful wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border. Despite what Trump celebrated as the “212th plus mile of completion” in a Monday tweet complaining about Fox News’ coverage of his failed border wall, what the president won’t admit on his premature victory lap is that there has still only been three miles of new border construction since he took office.

Trump’s latest trip to Arizona succinctly illustrates the current state of his failed presidency. His biggest campaign promise is a bust and the coronavirus keeps spreading in a state that seems to have bungled the pandemic nearly as badly as the federal government.

That succinctly sum up where we are in the final few months before Donald Trump’s final political test. Surrounded by top elected officials like and cranks alike, Trump is leading an ever-evaporating minority and trying to sell objective failure as success.

A solid majority of polled Americans still do not support the president’s effort to build a border wall, even as support for allowing refugees from Central America — a group Trump has repeatedly demonized as violent criminals — to enter the country has ticked up among all voter groups, including Republicans and independents. Additionally, the number of people supporting increased immigration has grown from 21% to a record-high of 30% since Trump took office. That increase also includes Republican voters, who have gone from 11% in favor of increasing immigration in 2016 to 16% as of late last year. >>


2020-06-20 Facebook Groups Lack Members Rights And Admin Responsibilities

The main reason I joined Facebook was to interact with others who shared my vocation and avocation, Electronics. It’s been a part of my life since I was very young. More than five years ago I joined several FB groups dealing with Electronics. During those years I have been banned from several groups not because I knowingly did something wrong, and in most cases I was banned because the admins violated their responsibilities to members.

.From Usenet Newsgroups To Facebook Groups

I was a user of Usenet newsgroups from 1993, for more than a decade. Most Usenet newsgroups were unmoderated and often they were not user friendly because there were users who were called Trolls who got into arguments with others and no one could stop the trolls. After a few years the spammers flooded email and Usenet with spam, making it difficult to use. So when I found that Facebook had groups that were moderated I was very glad. But I didn’t know that group admins would be so harsh and irresponsible with members.

I fully understand that the admin has to do many things which can be time consuming and which are like chores: they are not something an admin wants to do. These responsibilities are necessary for the group to function. The virtual world is like the Real World — there are things that have to be maintained to keep it functioning. So I sympathize with admins when it comes to dealing with problem members. For instance the spammers and scammers should be dealt with by banning them without warning. The responsibilities I propose may add more work for the admins, but these responsibilities and their group work can be lessened by changes to Facebook and the apps.

.Banned For Blocking a Whiner

In one case I was banned because I posted a legitimate, standard answer to a simple question, and another member claimed I was wrong. I explained why I was not wrong and he accused me of lying. I blocked him, and he complained to the admin that I blocked him. The admin suspended me and messaged me that I had to apologize to the whiner to get the suspension lifted. My feeling is that members were given the block tool to use as they see fit without interference from the admin. I told the admin I would apologize and as soon as my suspension was lifted, I left the group, and never returned. The reason why I left wasn’t because of the whiner, it was because the admin violated his responsibility to never interfere with member’s rights.

From my experience the group admin typically acts as Judge, Jury and Executioner. The member is not allowed any rights in the admin’s group and is usually banned with *no* explanation of what he did wrong, and is usually given no warning. The admin typically has some rules but the rules are often vague and/or capricious. Some rules are onerous and go against the whole concept of the World Wide Web, which is being able to hot link to another URL to get further information.

I found a simple set of rules for group members to follow.


2020-06-19 Renewables Used To Replace Base Loads; Coal Too Costly

Article on GreenTechMedia about how the UK is creating “renewable generators.”

<<Renewable Generators Are the UK’s Latest Tool to Smooth Out Renewable Generation.
Yes, you read that right. The argument against all-renewables grids takes another blow.>>



Coal fired power plants are at a tipping point vs renewables


2020-06-18 Michael Pupin & Patents

From the list of his patents in his wiki. Armstrong co-authored some patents.


2020-06-17 Renewables Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

Jason WillauerAsked, “What is your source … Renewables cheaper than conventional?IRENA.This 2+ year old article says that by 2020 renewables will be cheaper. Well, it’s 2020 and they already are. The clowns in this administration are trying to save the Fossil Fuel Industry, but no matter what they do, the fossil fuel producers are going to be out of business unless they see the writing on the wall and invest in renewables. The excess electricity will be used to produce hydrogen which will be used to replace fossil fuels. This is the way to a greenhouse gas-free future.There are more up to date articles, Google will find them for you., this typifies the attitude of the current situation.


2020-06-16 Renewable Portfolio States


Title: Renewables Portfolio Standard.
Established: 2002.
Requirement: 44% by 2024; 52% by 2027; 60% by 2030. Also requires 100% clean energy by 2045.
Applicable Sectors: Investor-owned utility, municipal utilities.
Cost Cap: Determined by the California Public Utilities Commission.
Details: A 2013 amendment allows the California Public Utilities Commission to adopt additional requirements.
Enabling Statute, Code or Order: Cal. Public Utilities Code §399.11 et seq.; Cal. Public Resources Code §25740 et seq.; Assembly Bill 327 (2013); Senate Bill 350 (2015); Senate Bill 100 (2018).


2020-06-15 Windows Apps On Chrome OS

We already can run Windows Apps on Wine on Linux. Maybe one day we’ll be able to get rid of Windows.


2020-06-13 MLCC Replacements For Electrolytic Capacitors

Reply from FB comment

Mark French
I got a roll (on tape) of 22 uF, 10V and 47 uF, 10V tiny surface mount MLCCs. They’re not polarized, but I’ve heard they tend to be microphonic. I’m going to try leaving the old caps in and bridge a MLCC across them. They’re small enough to to go on the foil side of the PCB. If they work okay they should never dry out or need replacing. 👍👍

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