2022-01-21 Billionaires Ask To Be Taxed

Billionaires ask governments to tax them.


2022-01-21 Volvo Carbon Footprint; Fine Particulates in Our Bodies


<< Final Thoughts
All this talk about carbon emissions overlooks one important point. In addition to the carbon dioxide that pours out of the tailpipes of conventional cars, they also spew a cloud of fine particulate matter into the atmosphere. Whether its coal, oil, gasoline, or diesel, fossil fuels create FPM pollution when they are burned. Fine particulates are so small they pass directly into the bloodstream in the lungs and travel to every part of our bodies, from our brains to our livers to our toes. They are found in breast milk and human placentas. They impair cognitive function, make us ill, and make us die sooner than we should. And for this the fossil fuel advocates want to bash electric cars? What is wrong with you people? >>


2022-01-20 Pumped Hydro For Long Energy Storage

They say the problem with battery energy storage is that they say it’s not long-term; for renewables we need long-term energy storage. Pumped hydro has been used for a hundred years. Nothing high tech or no scalability issues. Just dig two lakes, one above the other, with pumps and generators between them. The costs may be high but those are paid back by savings in zero fossil fuel renewable energy.


<< The water can cycle between upper and lower reservoirs for a hundred years or more. Evaporation suppressors — small objects floating on the water to trap humid air — can help reduce water evaporation. In all, the amount of water needed to support a 100% renewable electricity system is about 3 liters per person per day, equivalent to 20 seconds of a morning shower. This is one-tenth of the water evaporated per person per day in the cooling systems of U.S. fossil fuel power stations. >>

<< Australia is installing solar and wind three times faster per capita than the U.S. and is already facing the need for mass storage. It has two systems under construction that are designed to have more energy storage than all the utility batteries in the world put together; another dozen are under serious consideration. None involve new dams on rivers. The annual operating cost is low, and the working fluid is water rather than battery chemicals. >>

A new pumped hydro storage system wil be installed in the Kidston gold mine in Australia, by 2024.


2022-01-19 NM Regulators & Study- Public Owned Electric

It says there are other states that have public owned electric power. What needs to be done is speed up the changeover to renewables and stop burning fossil fuels and, most importantly, stop the utilities from dragging their feet when it comes to the changeover.


2022-01-19 Rheem Proterra Heat Pump Water Heater

This is the future, to eliminate fossil fuel use.


2022-01-19 CATL Batteries Huge Future Demand 400+GWh

There will be a huge demand for batteries in the future according to CATL. They are bringing a huge factory online but the demand will be greater over the next few years. The demand is growing.


2022-01-18 Used And Useful: States Must Enforce – End Waste By Utilities

This opinion article exposes the bad business practices that utilities are guilty of.

The electric utilities abuse the ratepayers by passing on their disinformation and bad decisions in the form of increased electricity costs.


2022-01-18 Nuclear Fusion Is Not Needed

It should also be explained that life on Earth depends on the Sun’s photons to make plants grow, to feed life on Earth. Why should humans try (unsuccessfully) for decades to make an artificial Sun when the Real Sun supplies many times as much energy to us every day. For FREE!

Nuclear Fusion is *not* needed.


2022-01-18 Florida: Rooftop Solar Bill & Net Metering

The Utilities are complaining about net metering, that the rooftop solar owners are getting back too much money so the non-solar customers must be charged more to make up for the utilities’ losses. They say this is unfair to non-solar customers. To me, this looks like the utilities have a flawed business model. They should not be complaining about the electricity that comes from rooftop solar because it reduces the amount of electricity that the utility must generate from thermal plants.

But the biggest problem with their change to net metering is that it removes incentives for customers to get rooftop solar, and slows down the changeover from fossil fuels to renewables. Also when we look at the overall view, the utilities want to change to utility scale solar or wind, which costs them *zero* for fuel. Rooftop solar costs zero for fuel, but the utilities lose control over generation – the homeowner can go off-grid and be independent of the utility. The utilities want the customers to be dependent on them for electricity, they don’t want to lose customers.

The most important thing for the future is that the utilities *must* be required to change from fossil fuels to renewables plus storage. We, the whole Earth must end fossil fuel burning and change to renewables – we must stop climate change.

As a customer without rooftop solar, I see that this law will have some benefit for me. But it’s a killer of changing from fossil fuels to renewables, and that must not happen at any cost because of climate change. Lawmakers must include a proviso in the law that the utilities *must* speed up the transition to renewables plus storage.


2022-01-17 OC Official Antivaxxer Dies Of Covid

This video is about if it’s ethical to use the death of an antivaxxer as an example to make it clear to others that they must get vaccinated. It’s *not* ethical — it’s irresponsible and deadly — to persuade others to not get vaccinated! Our condolences go out to the family of antivaxxers, but there should be no need for sympathy for those who try to convince others to make foolish decisions based on misinformation that the antivaxxer gives out. The antivaxxers use the antivax campaign to make money from social media and other means like lecturing. They – the antivaxxers – are the ones who are being unethical. They – the antivaxxers – are the ones who are causing misinformed people to die from Covid-19.

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