2021-09-18 Climate Migrants In The Next Decades

Due to climate change, there may be more than 200 million climate migrants by 2050.


2021-09-18 Land Care Robot Electrifies Tasks

This ad popped up and I had to watch this little workhorse do its jobs. It gave me several thoughts of what it could be used for. It even can work in the dark and in the rain. It said that it’s 64 HP and $14,800.00.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing articles in the magazines about this new ‘robot’ lawn mower. But back then they didn’t have a cellphone with an app that lets you lay out the areas where you want the mower to mow or to avoid. This land care robot lets you do that and much more. This one has a solar panel on top to charge the battery during sunlight hours. Cool!


2021-09-17 Arizona Sues To Block Vaccine Mandate

Arizona sued the Biden Administration to block a federal Covid-19 vaccination mandate that has not yet become law. Arizona is first but there are two dozen other states that also plan to sue. The Republican attorneys general of these states are endangering other people’s lives by stopping vaccinations.


2021-09-17 Anthony Gonzalez (R) Not Running For Reelection

This is a prime example of what’s wrong with America. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez decided to uphold the Constitution and vote his conscience and was one of the ten Republicans who voted to Impeach Trump for instigating the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol.

Now Trump and the others in his party have turned against Gonzalez and are attempting to get him out. But he has decided on not running for reelection in 2022.


2021-09-16 Why We Reject Contrary Evidence

Why do humans instinctively reject evidence contrary to their beliefs?


2021-09-16 120 MW Solar On 660 ‘Contagious’ Acres

It says “…120 Megawatt solar center on 660 contagious acres.” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

I think they meant contiguous!!


2021-09-15 First Solar US PV Manufacturer

Article is about other issues, too, but it says First Solar is doing good.


2021-09-15 CA Gov Newsom Trounces Recall Election

Governor Gavin Newsom trounced the Republican led recall election by a margin of almost 2 to 1 voted NO! to recall him. The shameful part is that some of the news media are saying the election cost the taxpayers $285 million, an absurd amount considering the results and that the Republicans tried five times before this to recall Newsom but couldn’t get enough signatures.

What the California legislature needs to do is change the recall requirements so that there has to be clear proof of malfeasance in the governor’s office. There should not be another recall because of frivolous reasons “just because” something minor provoked pundits to harshly criticize the governor’s actions.

A Democracy Now video about this recall:



This article is about whether or not to divest from fossil fuel companies. It talks about Harvard divesting and about CalPERS deciding to do otherwise.

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2021-09-14 PC Boards Too Cheap To Repair

Fron FB group pictures of electronic…

Joshua E. Hrouda
Yeah, where I worked, the PCBs were reworked and the bad chips replaced. But that was 1980.

Nowadays the PCBs are populated at the same factory where the boards are made, because everything is automated and almost no labor makes them cheap. The boards may have a controller that self-tests and if it doesn’t pass, someone may look for solder bridges and if removing those doesn’t solve the problem the board is rejected and never gets to the purchaser.

PC Boards used to be large, complex and a bad chip might be replaced. Now with SOC – system on a chip, the board is small and cheap and there’s only one or a few chips. Labor adds too much to the cost to make it worth repairing.

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