2021-04-09 Incentivize Utilities To Build Renewables Plus Storage

From comment on Matt Ferrel’s Undecided

The technologies for green energy and hydrogen are all there. The biggest issue is to get governments to make enough incentives to get companies to switch over to renewables plus storage. Tony Seba (in his YouTube videos) has stated that the country needs to build wind and solar plus storage from 3 to 6 times the capacity so that there will be enough energy stored for a few days of low wind or overcast weather. During peak solar or wind output times the excess electricity will be used to generate green Hydrogen for use in transportation and to run generators during other times.

But how can you get an investor owned utility to overbuild when it goes against everything a regulated utility does, such as extreme fiscal conservatism. Government must intervene and set up a structure to incentivize and motivate the utilities to build the 3 to 6 times more renewables plus storage that will be needed, plus the green hydrogen generation and storage.

Once the buildout is far enough, the fossil fuel generation plants can be shut down and the renewables plus storage can stand on its own. Coal plants must be the first to go offline. Gas turbine plants can stay awhile for peaker plants while more renewables and storage are built. Finally the gas turbines can be progressively shut down until there will be only hydroelectricity, nuclear power plants and renewables plus storage online. Thus we will have reached our goal: the zero fossil fuels point. As more wind and solar are built the nuclear plants can be shut down too. Finally fossil fuel free.


2021-04-08 California Is The Best – Better Than Texas

From FB comment

What part of Texas? It’s huge! The eastern part is like Louisiana: hot and humid. But western Texas is like the plain states and Oklahoma: windy and drier, with weather extremes like tornadoes. And the coast gets hurricanes.

Right now Tesla is building the new Gigafactory near Austin and is hiring for its opening after June 1. Then they’ll move their HQs to there later. Plus SpaceX is building there, too.

Someone once told me that San Antonio was a good place to live. Wherever you go, it’s probably cheaper than California.

But they definitely need to get their act together so they don’t have another power failure during a cold snap like they did in February! That caused billions in damage from burst pipes!

BTW Native Californian I am and I’ll always be. Born and raised here, been to other states and Germany when was in the Army, and California is the best! That’s why forty million Americans are here: Southern California is the best!


2021-04-09 AntiVaccine Article Spreads False Narrative

Julie Megill
I read the article. I will say that several things he points out are false. But it doesn’t matter to you because you won’t believe me.

The first amendment he talked about applies only to the federal government censoring the press. It does *not* apply to a private company editing or preventing the users of its service from using the service to spread false narratives.

He clearly stated that there were something like 2217 *deaths* from CoVID19 vaccines. That’s false. The VAERS explicitly states there is no proof of cause when a report is made on VAERS. There could have been thousands of “deaths” attributed to vaccinations if the vaccine was actually a placebo of dextrose sugar in water.

The rest of the article is in a similar vein. The article should be removed for spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. And for causing readers who were hesitant about vaccines to make the decision to not get vaccinated, and preventing family members from getting vaccinated. That’s putting their own life and other’s lives in danger, and possibly causing people to needlessly die from CoVID19.

Another comment about “Why is it bothering [me, the other person] that I don’t get vaccinated? It’s none of your business.”

Kattie Nekoranec
Apparently you’re not aware that we are *all* fighting a deadly enemy that kills millions of people and spreads so fast that hospitals have to choose whether to treat or let patients die.

It’s like you’re standing there among us, we’re surrounded by the enemy, and you’re arguing, “Why are you trying to fight them? It’s none of your business that I don’t want to fight! I’ll leave the fighting to you all, and get to be free without lifting a finger!”

With that selfish attitude that you deserve all the benefits of having others around you being vaccinated, but you are not willing to participate and be vaccinated, then you are part of the problem. If it was a real battle and you refused to fight, you would promptly be shot and killed because you are hindering the others. You’re nothing more than a self-righteous, freeloading pain in the neck.

Now you know what’s bothering all of your ‘friends’.

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2021-04-08 Air Pollution Kills Millions Every Year


This was what was wrong with the metro area where I grew up: Los Angeles Metro. The city infamous for its smog. It’s better now, thanks to pollution control technology on motor vehicles. But it still kills many: Approximately 8.7 million people per year worldwide.

Quote from above article:

<< The energy landscape is also undergoing dramatic change: the coal industry has collapsed in many parts of the world, the oil and gas industry are in decline. Renewables are proliferating because they are steadily becoming more and more effective, efficient and increasingly cheaper than fossil-fuel generated power. A lot of attention was paid to whatever actions might have caused Covid-19 to cross from animals to humans, but the actions that take fossil fuel out of the ground to produce that pollution that kills 8.7 million annually, along with acidifying oceans and climate chaos, should be considered far more outrageous a transgression against public health and safety. >>


2021-04-08 Racial Hatred At My Local Park

This is not nice. Another bad person. I walk over to Grijalva Park and use the track around the soccer field.


2021-04-08 My Stray Dog Story

FB comment

My neighbors put leftovers and table scraps in a dog dish on the back porch for their pooch. Times were tough in the ’70s and the neighborhood had houses boarded up because the buyers defaulted on their loans and were evicted or skipped town. But they just left their pets with the house. ☹️😥

So their dogs were just roaming the street. One dog (good nose!) found the table scraps and was hanging around for more. I tried to make friends with the standard sized poodle, but he was skittish and ran away. But I persisted to sit on the grass and try to make friends with him. Finally he came to trust me and I was just so taken aback by how gentle, how well-trained and how well-mannered he was. But we had our dog and she was a scottie and was scared of him – he was 3 or 4 times her size. My parents couldn’t see him being a part of our family. After a few weeks we didn’t see him anymore, maybe he got adopted. Or the dog catcher might have picked him up. But I still had my best friend, our little scottie. 🐶

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2021-04-07 Nuclear Power In The U.S.

This quote is from the wiki on Wikipedia.

<< A cover story in the February 11, 1985, issue of Forbes magazine commented on the overall management of the nuclear power program in the United States:

The failure of the U.S. nuclear power program ranks as the largest managerial disaster in business history, a disaster on a monumental scale … only the blind, or the biased, can now think that the money has been well spent. It is a defeat for the U.S. consumer and for the competitiveness of U.S. industry, for the utilities that undertook the program and for the private enterprise system that made it possible.[48]


Harsh words but coming from an expert in business.

Another article about the short lived Rancho Seco Nuclear plant.


2021-04-07 Commentary On Republicans’ Use Of Voter Fraud To Justify Restrictive Voter Laws

It’s plainly obvious that the Republicans are using the false narrative of voter fraud to justify their passing restrictive voter laws in Republican controlled states. The prime example of this is Georgia, where organizations are threatening to leave the state because the governor signed a new voter law. The Republicans are now lashing back at the companies, telling them to keep out of politics (Mitch McConnell’s own words).

But this goes much farther than politics! This is the right of the citizen to participate in the democratic governing of their country. That’s not politics! That’s civil rights! When government attempts to prohibit citizens from voting, it’s time to make it an issue of constitutional importance.


2021-04-07 CoVID19 And Vaccination

From FB comments

Michael Chumpitazi Jr.
Said, “…mind your business … stop worrying about [other people getting vaccinated]”
That’s why you’re part of the problem, not the solution. You fail to recognize that prior to CoVID19 everyone was spreading this contagious disease just by being close enough to someone else to shake their hand. Being in a crowd of people for an hour (like kids in a classroom) is almost certain to infect one with CoVID19.

If you want to stop being infected; if you want to stop this contagious CoVID19, you should get vaccinated. If enough people don’t get vaccinated, then the public health will make it harder for those unvaccinated *disease carriers* to do normal activities. You’re required by law to wear a mask in public places. Just wait until you are required by law to be vaccinated to be in a public place.

As long as your failure to get vaccinated affects everyone else, then everyone else will *shun you* until you are vaccinated. Simple.

Eddie Flores
If a drug addict dies from overdose, it doesn’t affect other’s health (loved ones will be deeply saddened). But an unvaccinated *disease carrier* can sicken or kill anyone he comes in contact with.

Catching the flu, a disease that makes everyone sick, makes the sick ones stay home in bed and reduces the chance that he will spread the flu. Getting CoVID19 and feeling no symptoms, going about normally and spreading it to everyone he comes in contact with, makes CoVID19 *the perfect storm* that spreads like wildfire.

How would you feel if everyone you came in contact with had a deadly weapon hidden in his body, and could kill just by breathing near you?

Lauralyn Bateson Johnson
Others here are saying that if you’re vaccinated you can still get CoVID19.

Does it make sense to you to say “…then it doesn’t matter if someone does or doesn’t [get the shot]”? Right?

I’m asking you because from what I’ve seen, the mask, the distance, avoiding the crowd, *and* the shot are all not 100% effective. But combining 2 or more helps considerably.

The virus attacks the ACE2 receptors in your cardiopulmonary system. It can kill you. It can do little or no harm. It can make you temporarily sick like the flu, but with effects that can last for months or years. How many out there got CoVID19 and easily recovered, but lost a small amount of their lung function, and won’t realize it until they get older and end up with emphysema and on an oxygen tank? Those won’t be known for years or decades. Did you grow up in the LA basin? I did and smog was so bad that it made us wheeze after phys ed class in high school. I lost some of my lung function because of air pollution, and I don’t want to end up unable to breathe without oxygen.


2021-04-06 VAERS Reports Are NOT Deaths

The antivaxxers try to use VAERS as a death list. 😡😠😡😠

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