2022-07-12 P.U.S.H – Converting Mines Into Hydro Powered Batteries

I believe this information is very important – it’s the key to the solution of the renewables intermittency issue.


“”A PUSH facility can be developed using mature technological systems—materials and machinery—used by conventional PSH. In what they call a conservative estimate, researchers determined the US has capacity for between 137 and 285 gigawatts of storage within nearly 1,000 mines likely suited to PUSH.

Based on their analyses, the team made several high- and low-volume reservoir and head estimates, which translated into 5 fully and partially subterranean PUSH designs.””

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  1. Stephanopoulis says:

    The article says, “Dealing with potentially contaminated mine water during the dewatering and operating stages is likely to be a challenge, the researchers note.”

    If they pump the water from one place in the mine to another, there should be no problem. What do you think?

    • admin says:

      Dewatering must mean they have to remove the contaminated water before construction begins. Maybe they could build the upper reservoir first then pump the water up thereand build the lower reservoir. I’m not sure.

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