2022-05-27 Wind Turbine End-of-life Waste

Comparison of wind turbine waste. There really is no comparison – coal power plants generate hundreds of times more fly ash waste than wind turbines, and fly ash is toxic! Compared to coal, wind turbine waste is insignificant!

Wind turbine blade waste generates 0.163 kg per MWh over a 20 year period.

A coal power plant generates 84 kg of toxic fly ash per MWh.

That’s over 500 times the amount of waste, and fly ash is toxic! It has mercury and other heavy metals that pollute the environment.

That’s a load of Rubbish!

There are between 5 and 10 tons of non-recycled municipal waste per person over 20 years. This is 3 to 5 times more than from coal, and over 500 times more than from wind! And like coal, municipal waste contains toxic chemicals and releases greenhouse gases as it decomposes.

From YouTube video Engineering with Rosie


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