2022-04-23 China To Add 90GW Solar

90 GW is a huge amount of solar – that’s like adding 30 full sized power plants! But China’s voracious appetite for an ever increasing amount of electricity is causing them to build more fossil fuel power plants. What the world needs is to end the horrible addiction to cheap throwaway goods from China and put high enough import tariffs on goods to make it worth repairing, reusing, recycling.

So many complain about wind turbine blades ending up in landfills, but they’re only 10% of plastics in landfills. The whole world is choking in plastic and the system should make the other 90% in landfills put back into use. Plastic came from that black goo called crude oil and it shouldn’t be any more difficult to take used plastic and recycle it back into use. The whole one-way system from raw fossil fuels to landfill needs to be turned into a circular system where raw materials are replaced with recycled materials. And China should be the leader because that’s where most of the goods come from.

I’ve watched videos on youtube where they show homemade pyrolysis systems that cook wood and make biogas that is used to directly run a lawnmower engine. The leftover biochar is allowed to burn in an oxygen starved container which causes it to form carbon monoxide. This burns like biogas, it’s used to run the engine.

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