2021-10-03 Headwind”21 Feature Length Movie

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The world must stop burning fossil fuels if we must stop climate change.

So far I’ve watched 40 minutes, and I’ve seen the criticism of wind turbines. I am hoping that before the end, I will see this video offer at least one solution. If this video does not offer at least some way to stop burning fossil fuels, I will be very disappointed. 😞☹️

The use of fossil fuels must stop or there will be no world to live in. The longer we wait, the more it will cost to adapt to climate change. People will have to abandon coastal areas and move as flooding takes over. There is no Planet B! We will have to spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year to adapt to flooding, drought and other damage caused by climate change.

This guy has not yet given a factual reason for this film and why he is suing the wind farms. He appears to be ignoring all I said above and he doesn’t care about how bad conditions will be on Earth.

Please let the viewers understand that this is far, far more serious than the bad things about wind farms, some that are not true. I will not live to see the worsening damage unfold. The young people are the ones who will have to live and deal with the damage. It’s up to us to leave them a sustainable future.

A quote from 1:03:38
“… where they can sit and watch their village be overrun and destroyed by the wind turbines.”

I cannot understand how their village will be destroyed by wind farms. That is an unreasonable statement. Climate Change will do much more damage than the wind farm.

Update 2021-10-04 After 1:15:00 they’re riding in the car, discussing. The guy says I’ve got enough electricity. Who needs all this extra electricity? We’ve got enough electricity. It’s not necessary. And he goes on saying that it’s heavy industry that are building things that people don’t need, to drive the capitalist model which is owned by just a few people.

Well, finally after an hour and a quarter the guy talks about electricity and shows he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He claims that this is *extra* electricity, as if it’s surplus and is not needed. But the wind turbines *are* needed to replace the fossil fueled power plants that must be taken out of service as soon as possible. And he tries to negatively associate this with Capitalists who own almost everything.



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