2021-08-25 Dems And Libs Rule With Fear: The Sky Is Falling!

From FB climate change group

Geoff Goeggel
Said, “Dems and Libs rule with fear: “The sky is falling! We’re all going to die! Unless you all do exactly what we say.”

Then you said, “The climate is warming and some of it is man-made. Okay, but it is not gonna kill us.”

I think you’ve been misinformed by the right wing extremists, who are instilling Fear into you about “them” (the Libs and Dems). No, “them” have been saying, but you haven’t listened, that the longer that humans resist the changes that need to be done to stop climate change, the worse it’s going to be for everyone. The people will have to make much greater changes in their lives to adapt to climate change.

You said, “We cannot continue to spend trillions subsidizing electric cars, solar farms, and windmills.”

If you had not been misinformed, you would have known that we are *not* spending trillions on subsidizing electric cars, there are tax rebates and these are not trillions. And the reason for them is obvious: to make Battery Electric Vehicles competitive with ICEVs. The more BEVs there are the less fossil fuels will be burned.

Solar farms are subsidized even less. The cost of a kilowatt-hour of solar or wind power is now less than any other form including cheap gas turbine power. This is why the governments are trying to get the utilities to switch to renewables.

The 51 billion tons of CO2 emitted by fossil fuels is *the* major problem. It’s not a minor problem.

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