2021-08-22 Housing Complaints Should Be Jobs Complaints

This video complains about how the zoning restrictions prevent millennials from buying affordable housing. That’s not the way I see it.


My comment:

I’m a boomer and I faced the same problem for forty years. This is nothing new. Here a few miles from Disneyland the housing prices rose faster than a single income wage earner could get a better job, and that was the way it was since the 1970s. So people moved 30 miles away and commuted every day to work – two hours of driving!

What I see is the same whining that I went through for forty years. I lived in apartments and the living was less than desirable. Now that I own my home, the neighborhood is much less stressful and I can understand why the suburban owners of homes don’t want their neighborhood to be as heavily populated as the urban cities where 3 or more story buildings are common.

Think about this: why do people want to live in a metro area? Because they’re near a place where there are decent jobs. Instead of demanding more homes in metro areas where there are jobs, why not demand better jobs where housing is more affordable, like in rural areas. There are thousands of towns across America where one can buy a nice home for under 100 thousand. In Detroit they bulldozed homes because they were abandoned. Why? No jobs. 😢😱

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