2021-08-18 Climate Change Argument Ignores Problem!


While this p!ssing contest is going on, the changes in climate are doing more and more damage. If either of these arguers are not able to give a solution to the change in climate then they should both be ignored.

The fact is if these arguments keep on distracting others from solving the problem, then the arguers are part of the problem, not the solution.

It is better to stop adding greenhouse gases and reduce the CO2 down to 350 ppm than do nothing but argue. Even if the above doesn’t help, it’s a whole lot better than bickering about trivialities. And if it’s the right thing to do then there will not be the widespread catastrophe. But doing nothing but argue is just wasting precious time! And the costs of doing nothing will be much more severe and there will be more costs of adapting to a catastrophe!

So stop arguing and give the world solution(s) to the change in climate. Otherwise you arguers will be eliminated when push comes to shove. Mother Nature will go on just fine and humanity will perish. I’m glad I’m too old to be around when the fit hits the shan.

Watch this video Busting Climate Myths.


My comment on a renewables video. A solar park in Gujarat India will be the biggest at over 4000 MW or 4 GW!!

He asked, “How many years do you think it will take for the world to switch to renewable resources?”

It must be done as soon as possible if the world governments want to save their people from disastrous climate change. The effects are already being seen in areas where the people live on low lying land next to the oceans. Sea level rise is flooding some areas and it will become worse. Hurricanes and cyclones will do much more storm water flooding and damage.

This video said that the area was hot – 45 to 48 degrees C, and instead of almost uninhabitable, areas like this will grow and become completely uninhabitable.

The worst part is that some of the effects have occurred in a few decades and will be irreversible – it will take hundreds or thousands of years to put the melted ice back on Greenland or Antarctica. SMH..

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