2021-07-17 Vehicle To Grid V2G

Jasen Bartlett
Said, “people will complain how the duty cycles degrade their battery…”

With no justification. The 18650 cells have better than “250-500 duty cycles” and do not “loose [sic] 10% range” due to use for V2G. V2G is a process where the grid has some control over the vehicle charging. If the grid is experiencing excessive load, it can **first** shed load by interrupting many cars charging. **If** this is not effective enough, then the grid can discharge some vehicles to supply the load. And this doesn’t last long, only enough to cover peaks, and then falling back to interrupted discharging, which costs nothing. Since discharging into the grid costs utilities money, they use it sparingly.

Also the software, such as Autobidder knows about the state and number of duty cycles used in every vehicle battery, it can use that to make the decisions by which vehicles are interrupted and which are discharging. The result is that the “wear and tear” on vehicle batteries is minimal. For more on this watch Engineering With Rosie episode about vehicle to grid and VPP virtual power plants. Also look up Grace Capacity and read the Batteryuniversity website’s paper.

If the same chemistry is used in 18650 and 4680 cells, the size of the cell should not have an effect on the number of discharges; i.e. its capacity.

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