2021-04-09 AntiVaccine Article Spreads False Narrative


Julie Megill
I read the article. I will say that several things he points out are false. But it doesn’t matter to you because you won’t believe me.

The first amendment he talked about applies only to the federal government censoring the press. It does *not* apply to a private company editing or preventing the users of its service from using the service to spread false narratives.

He clearly stated that there were something like 2217 *deaths* from CoVID19 vaccines. That’s false. The VAERS explicitly states there is no proof of cause when a report is made on VAERS. There could have been thousands of “deaths” attributed to vaccinations if the vaccine was actually a placebo of dextrose sugar in water.

The rest of the article is in a similar vein. The article should be removed for spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. And for causing readers who were hesitant about vaccines to make the decision to not get vaccinated, and preventing family members from getting vaccinated. That’s putting their own life and other’s lives in danger, and possibly causing people to needlessly die from CoVID19.

Another comment about “Why is it bothering [me, the other person] that I don’t get vaccinated? It’s none of your business.”

Kattie Nekoranec
Apparently you’re not aware that we are *all* fighting a deadly enemy that kills millions of people and spreads so fast that hospitals have to choose whether to treat or let patients die.

It’s like you’re standing there among us, we’re surrounded by the enemy, and you’re arguing, “Why are you trying to fight them? It’s none of your business that I don’t want to fight! I’ll leave the fighting to you all, and get to be free without lifting a finger!”

With that selfish attitude that you deserve all the benefits of having others around you being vaccinated, but you are not willing to participate and be vaccinated, then you are part of the problem. If it was a real battle and you refused to fight, you would promptly be shot and killed because you are hindering the others. You’re nothing more than a self-righteous, freeloading pain in the neck.

Now you know what’s bothering all of your ‘friends’.

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