2021-02-16 Trump’s Immigration Zero Tolerance Policy Separating Families

FB is full of Trump apologists trying to claim that he was no worse than Obama or Bush.

From FB comment

Greg Swan
Said, “Obama separated plenty of families at the border…”

You asserted plenty of families. Not what the link said. No where near the amounts of the zero tolerance Trump administration.

I’m sick and tired of your whataboutism. Stop playing the blame game and trying to minimize the terrible impact Trump’s policies had.

You should have learned from the lockdown last year that the people who were being separated from their children and sent back were the same ones who picked the food you eat; the same ones who worked at the meat plants and got CoVID19 from their coworkers. The same ones who clean Trump hotel rooms. And, yes, the same ones who even fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. I knew a guy who received a purple heart there. There is no comparison to the inhumane way that the Trump administration treated immigrants, especially asylum seekers.

And what really is ludicrous is all this lunacy was taking place while there are more than 11 million illegals already in the US. What about them?

You’re a clueless parrot for the extremist right.

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