2021-02-10 Survey: Should Trump Be Convicted?

The Senate proceedings of the impeachment of Trump are ongoing this week. PBS Newshour put a survey on YouTube asking if Trump should be convicted. Over 80 thousand votes and more that two convict votes for every no conviction.

An interesting comment:

<< John Weber

What I have learned from this past Presidency:

1. It’s okay and encouraged to call people names and belittle them.

2. It’s okay to bully

3. Words have no consequences

4. It’s okay to lie

5. It’s okay to tax the poor so that the rich don’t have to pay their portion

6. It’s okay to make up lies and present them as truth, as with QAnon

7. It’s considered okay for a President to incite a riot

8. A few deaths are okay too… to the tune of 5 at the Capital and 400,000 plus nationwide.

9. It’s just fine to fake Christianity in order to secure votes.

10. It’s okay to have extramarital affairs as long as you can lie your way out of them. >>

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