2020-11-04 The Life And Death Of A Rose Bush

It’s the morning after the elections and there are still a lot of races too close to call. Newsmedia are milking the event for as much as they can, but you can’t hurry up the system. Remember that the real (electoral) votes don’t come until December.

Years ago I watched an episode on PBS about the secret lives of plants. They said that plants can communicate in ways we are just discovering. Through their roots for one example. It’s interesting, but I was surprised recently by some experiences of my own.

There are white rose bushes in my garden, apparently they’ve been there a long time. In the past year two of them died. I especially noticed the last one – it seemed okay then the leaves all turned brown and it was dead in a week. Both of the rose bushes had a seedling grow next to them, from a rose hip or fruit – whatever it’s called. They both died after the seedlings had grown up a foot or so. It was like the old timers knew that they had junior growing beside them and they said to themselves, it’s time to let the younger generation take my place, and suddenly they gave up and stopped living. Just like that! I now believe there is truth to the ideas that the secret lives of plants put forth. Mother Nature has many secrets that we are still not fully aware of.


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