2020-10-12 #StopHateForProfit & Facebook

From my message to moline

I joined the #StopHateForProfit boycott on July 1, and last week I found that it hasn’t done anything to persuade FB to stop the hate for profit. But I found that Congress is seriously considering investigating the internet giants including FB for antitrust and being monopolies. I think Amazon and maybe Google deserve it. But FB doesn’t sell commodities like Amazon. Still FB will have to change — they have had walkouts by their employees over these issues.

I have enjoyed the past three months a lot, I did a lot of reading and became much more aware of how bad things are regarding climate change. The Thwaites ice shelf in Antarctica is the size of Florida, and warmer sea water is undermining it from below. If it breaks away from Antarctica and melts it could cause the sea level to rise 2 feet. And it’s not the only ice shelf in Antarctica — the oceans could rise up to 2 meters or 6 feet. Those who live along the coast may have to move inland! Any time a storm or hurricane comes the low lying places like New Orleans or Miami may no longer be livable. This is something about which our government is in a state of denial. I have relatives who live a mile and a half from the beach. They’re completely in denial. They may need oars to get out of the house. Seriously!

What else is new? I’m not sure I want to be on FB before the election. Too many haters and fools out here. I’ve blocked so many that I have cut the amount of rubbish down to a small fraction. But for now FB will be on my phone. Temporarily.

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